Hayley’s Healthy Mayonnaise

One of the few foods that I’ve struggled to give up over the past few years is store bought, name brand, mayonnaise. Take a look at the list of ingredients on the back of the jar, Soybean Oil, Water, Whole eggs and egg yokes, vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice, calcium disodium edta (used to protect quality), natural flavors. Whoa! See that first item on the list? Soybean Oil – that’s a huge NO-NO! Not only is it dangerous SOY it’s a GMO! Did you know that nearly all soy in our food is a GMO? Then move on to the third item, Eggs.. I just can’t bear the thought of consuming eggs from those poor factory hens, all squished in tiny cages, never seeing the sun or pecking in the grass! As if the animal-abuse factor isn’t enough, studies have shown that factory farm produced eggs are inferior nutritionally to eggs produced the way nature intended from free ranging, happy hens! And that’s just 2 of the 9 ingredients, there is no need to go on through the list, you get it… store bought mayonnaise will get you closer to the grave, so let’s come up with an alternative!

I’ve tried to make mayonnaise from scratch but failed in the taste area…. Finally! I came up with a recipe that is healthier, tastes amazing (possibly tastes better than what we had been buying) and it is really-really simple!

Measuring spoons

1 small free range organic egg yoke (reserve the white for another use)
2 & 1/4 t white vinegar
1 t water
1/4 t fresh organic lemon juice
sea salt
1/4 t honey
Organic Sunflower Oil

Wisk the egg yoke until it’s frothy then add in vinegar, water, lemon juice, honey and about 3 tiny pinches of sea salt. Continue to wisk until everything is well incorporated. Gently and Slowly drizzle in a thin steady stream of oil, while constantly wisking. Less oil will be runnier mayo, more oil will be thicker oil – you can choose based on your preference… also try different oils or combination of oils.
Will make about 1 cup of mayonnaise, use it up within a week!

Oh, yeah there’s raw eggs in this mayo, just like mayo should… and I love it! Here’s my thoughts on raw eggs.. when you buy your quality free range eggs from a responsible and trustworthy farmer you have no reason to worry.  In case you didn’t know we raise our own Happy Hens, so we have complete control over our egg supply but there are amazing farmers offering quality eggs close to you too! If you need help finding a local-quality source of free range eggs, I’m more than glad to help!

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