About Hayley

Me and my 2011 Turkeys - Henny Red, Red Tom and White Tom.. Uno and Six in photo behind red tom.

Welcome to Hayley’s Healthy Home!  I’m Hayley and I’ll be your blogger on this site….

My husband, Ray, and I reside in a small town in southwestern Pennsylvania. We share our lives with Max our dog, 3 cats (Lainey, Baloney and Storm), a flock of laying hens and a couple roosters.  Most of our time revolves around food and fun! Here’s just a few things we love: raising chickens and turkeys, cooking, canning, gardening, farmers markets, travel, alternative health, hunting, mushrooming, raw milk, hiking, our friends and the Pittsburgh Steelers! We believe that the key to a long-vibrant life is quality nutritious whole foods!

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog about my crazy-extreme-natural-orgainc-farmer-gardener-cooking-cleaning-simple life, but I have been victim of “Procrastination by Complication” I’ve become paralyzed by all the details, I want my blog to be perfect – be like all the beautiful blogs out there with their professional pictures, catchy names, wonderful topics and lots of followers – finally, I realized that, like with my Healthy Home – it took years of small changes to get to where we are and we still have a long way to go – I started our journey to a healthy home with just one change at a time, and I’ll start this blog the same way – just one post at a time! Don’t expect this to be anything fancy – far from perfect – but just an outlet for me to share the health issues and topics I feel so strongly about.

I guarantee we’ll disagree at times, but use the conflict as a springboard to familiarize yourself with the other side’s information… that’s how the changes started in my own life! I used to be a coupon clipping, diet soda drinking, fat avoiding, cheap food consumer and microwave user – but after looking deeper into topics that conflicted with what I “knew,” everything changed – everything isn’t what it seems. Don’t boycott Microwave Ovens because I say they are unhealthy and we threw ours away years ago – but become educated on both sides of the microwave vs. health debate and figure out what you feel is the right choice for you and your family. We all need to take a step back and look at everything that can effect our health, deciding if it will increase the longevity of a healthy life or get us closer to an early grave.

And just so you’re not shocked – everything I blog won’t be perfectly healthy – I try to keep a balance in my life and not get too caught up – I’m looking for a way to maintain my health late into life yet still live life to the fullest every single day!

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